How is our Black Garlic Produced?

It is produced by inducing natural fermentation which is sometimes referred to as enzymatic fermentation. The secret, drawn-out process results in a fruit-like sweet and syrupy gourmet delight that has a texture akin to prunes.

And the Taste?

The strong and lingering flavours of raw garlic are replaced by a more subtle garlic taste. Added to this are well balanced hints of caramelized licorice, balsamic vinegar, and perhaps a suggestion of tamarind. The taste has been scientifically identified as the “fifth taste” known as Unami. This versatile ingredient adds extra depth to recipes with its richer, interesting and unique flavour. 

Black Garlic Health Benefits

Black garlic was originally taken hundreds of years ago for its medicinal benefits. There is a marked increase in antioxidants.
S-arylcysteine is generated during the process along with numerous other nutrients. This unique product has only relatively recently become keenly sought after. It is used as an ingredient/condiment by progressive and creative top end modern cuisine chefs throughout the western world.

Why is OUR Black Garlic So Good?

Black Garlic Mans’ black garlic is naturally produced in
New Zealand’s sunny north. It is chemical free and no additives are used in the process. Unlike some black garlic,
Black Garlic Man’s product has extremely low wastage. Chefs love its sweetness and as our individual cloves are larger than others in the market it is easier to use.

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